Sunday, April 13, 2014

Simon Says

Simon Says. It's truly a way to indoctrinate your children into mindless obedience. Simon is some guy who is constantly telling you what to do, and you better do it, or else... you lose. He tells you to sit, stand, and pat your stomach; then turn around, stop patting your stomach and then to sit down again. You MUST listen to Simon, but what you don't think about, is that it's not Simon telling you to do these things. The REAL a-hole is the guy telling you what Simon is supposedly saying.

What is a GMO? “Generally speaking, “GMO (genetically modified organism)” has come to refer to a living organism that contains a novel array of genetic material created or inserted through technological means.” Random insertions, deletions, and genetic mutations occur in every organism on Earth - naturally (naturally, meaning without human intervention). Now, scientists are using technology to reproduce it and make it seemingly more efficient.
So scientists could take the DNA from a chicken and insert it into a vegetable, to make it more visually appealing or physically stronger. However, DNA transfer does not always cross specy lines. Sometimes scientists will take DNA from a variety of apples and reproduce a genetically enhanced apple. Either way, it’s not natural, and that leaves a lot of people feeling uneasy; but, you can’t have a world where decisions are based on feelings. 

So, we must continue the discussion.
GMOs may be beneficial because they are cheaper to produce, and in theory, could solve world hunger. Some reports say that they use less pesticides as well. Less pesticides and more food for everyone. Great stuff, obviously. Anyone with a brain can see that GMOs are the way to the future. No ‘reputable source’ has found any significant dangers to genetic engineering of food. Some would say, if you don’t like GMOs, it’s because you’re ignorant and deny science.

There are a whole slew of reasons why GMOs are feared, but it mostly boils down to how they’re affecting us and the environment (I’ll leave the environmental issue for a true environmentalist).
When I think about GMOs, my brain goes:

My internal brain alert goes off because,
A) Genetic information is inserted or cross-bred into our food to make the food itself more pesticide/herbicide resistant. I don’t want to eat extractions of pesticides in my food.
B) It is hypothesized that people with sensitive digestive tracts are not tolerating these GE foods, which could be the cause of the increase in digestive system disorders or even have a correlation with Autism.
C) This could lead to problems with people who have food allergies; for example, if a person has a nut allergy and scientists use nut genes in a grape.

GMOs are not the first nutrition-related controversy. Scientific study after scientific study will tell you something different, whether it’s about GMOs, coffee, vegetarian diets, etc. The truth is, no one really knows anything for sure. Just like “Simon Says,” science can say whatever the portrayer wants it to say.

A wise man once said this, (watch video)
So yes, fool me once, and I won’t be fooled again.

In 1902, a scientist, Wilhelm Normann, found that adding hydrogen to vegetable oil would make it solid, creating trans fats in the process. This was said to be the savior of heart disease. It was a “healthy” plant-based fat. It was cheap and increased shelf-life of food, making food cheaper and easier to distribute world-wide (possibly solving world hunger?!).  Clearly, “science says” hydrogenated oil was a much better option than the alternative animal saturated fat. But science, dear, precious science, how have you steered us in the wrong direction? More than 100 years later, the FDA has proposed to change the classification of trans fats to no longer "generally recognized as safe.”

I don’t know how GMOs are effecting our health. I do know that they freak me out, but regardless of how they make me feel, it’s still an amazing scientific discovery that has the potential of providing cheap fruits/vegetables to people. However, I say, if you’re worried about people dying of starvation, maybe you should work on a solution for solving food waste. Some researchers estimate that one-third of food is wasted, and that eliminating food waste could feed an additional 2 billion people.
But morals and choices cannot be regulated. People want to eat GMOs because they’re cheap and people will always waste food because people are wasteful. Let them. All I can do is present you with some ideas, and hopefully you’ll think about what I said somewhere in between your flappy bird games.


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    The Green Revolution already saved a billion lives. Whether or not that was due to GMO crops depends on the definition you use. Point is, this isn't theoretical. It has already been happening for 60 years

    1. I'll have to look that up. I'm not saying that all GMOs are harmful... each new genetic modification is like a new science experiment... and I'm just saying... one and/or more of these modifications could have long term unknown damages.